We are the Aunes, Murphys and Sadds; the extended family responsible for the creation of THE ORIGINAL ACTIVITY TUTU! 

My name is Rachael Aune, I am at the Owner/Operator of CUTIE PLAY TUTIE and the link between the aforementioned families. This collaboration began with an idea had by my mother-in-law, Marci Aune, after she observed her granddaughter (Quinn Aune, my daughter) playing with baubles on her first Christmas dress. "Wouldn't it be neat if someone made a skirt decorated with bits and bobs to amuse babies!" I decided to run with the idea and explore the concept from both a fashion and educational standpoint. I happen to have worked as a fashion model, my parents, Tom and Glenis Murphy, happen to make their livings as educators, my cousin, Emma Sadd, happens to make her living as an early childhood caregiver and nationally acclaimed dance teacher AND my cousin-in-law's mother, Dorita, just happens to be an impeccable seamstress! I identified a unique opportunity to capitalize on the combined talents and resources of people I trust, respect and can 'pay later'! After an inordinate amount of time spent brainstorming, drawing, coloring, cutting and sewing, my family and I created an INTERACTIVE line of (adorable) separates, namely tutus and skirts, that feature visual, auditory and tactile stimuli to amuse, inspire and teach babies and toddlers (phew!). More specifically, we each took on the following responsibilities: Tom, Glenis and Emma suggested age-appropriate and engaging play-based activities that comprise fabrics; my graphic designer and I came up with appealing themes and characters for each of the skirts, Quinn, now four, helped to design "pretty" color schemes AND Dorita brought our visions to life by constructing the prototypes. This has truly been a family affair; ambitious, yet rewarding.